Short Deck Poker

Short Deck Poker

Fewer cards, more action. Time to play with the big boys.

Also known as Six-Plus Hold’Em, Short Deck Poker is a Hold’Em variation that became increasingly popular over the past year.

The game is played in the same format as No-Limit Omaha or Texas Hold’Em, with players betting, folding, checking or raising before each street and sharing a total of 5 community cards.

The 2 things that make Short Deck Poker unique are:

  • The deck has only 36 cards instead of the standard 52, with cards 2 to 5 removed.
  • The hand rankings differ from traditional poker games as a result of shifted odds from the removed cards

One more thing about low straights:

In traditional Hold'Em games, the Ace (A) card can count towards a low straight (A2345) as well as a high straight (TJQKA). Despite the lack of cards 2-5, in Short Deck Poker you can still make a low straight with the following cards: A6789.

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